At Griffith-Brilhart Builders, we have always said the perfect home reflects the life style and character of the people who live in it. As one of only a handful of true custom builders in the area, we are proud to tell you that we have never repeated an exact design in our 35 years of business. Our clients’ homes are as individual as our clients themselves.  We make this happen by taking the time necessary to genuinely get to know you before we even think about things like site selection, orientation, design, and products. We explore your needs and wants in a conversation divided into two equally important topics:  function and architectural aesthetics.


At the initial design discussion, our goal is to learn everything we can about how you will function as a family in the home. How much storage do you require for sports equipment, hobbies, or an extensive wardrobe? Does technological equipment play a huge role in your life? Will a layout accommodate a big get-together as well as an intimate dinner party? Don’t be surprised when we delve into sleeping patterns, the way you’d like the sunlight to shine upon your home, and how you might expect your family’s needs to change as it matures. A custom home is a huge investment; we consider ourselves your partner in getting it right.

Architectural Aesthetics

Griffith-Brilhart Builders understands that your home should be a pleasing environment that reflects not only how you function but who you are culturally and stylistically as a family.  We have worked with some of the most creative architects in the region to achieve our clients’ goals. Whether you introduce us to your architect with a completed design, utilize our in-house design-build services, or seek a recommendation from us, we consistently utilize a collaborative, team approach to achieve your design solutions.

It’s About You

Creating a custom home is all about your desires – not ours. Our role at Griffith-Brilhart Builders is to manifest your needs and wants with excellence through time-tested, superior construction, craftsmanship, and business practices. Your delight is our success.