Douglas & Sharon Strouse – Cockeysville, MD 
"You have truly done an outstanding job in the building of our "dream home", and we are extremely pleased and satisfied.  Your fastidious attention to detail and total commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the market place.  In my eyes, Griffith-Brilhart Builders is, indeed, the leader and premier builder in Maryland."

Jonathan & Joan Schochor – Lutherville, MD
"Griffith-Brilhart Builders has earned a reputation for fairness, as well as quality work.  In the building industry, that is unusual.  You hold onto something like that for dear life and recommend them to anyone who asks."

Michael and Laurie Weinman – Reisterstown, MD
“It has been 13 years since you built our home and we still love our home today as much as we did then. It was and still is a pleasure working with you. You and your crews were very courteous and professional, making it very easy for us to make decisions and changes. You worked with our architect and designer resolving any issues that came up and brought valuable suggestions to the table that made our home so much nicer. The quality of your workmanship is outstanding. We have been delighted to continue working with you helping us with our maintenance needs and subsequent remodeling projects and building my mother’s home on our property.  Having you here is like family – I never have to worry – I know the job will be done right and can trust that you are looking out for my best interest. Thank you for all you have done and we look forward to continue working with you in the future.”

Joy Woodfield – Jarrettsville, MD
"We are very pleased with the quality of work performed.  The work was very quickly completed, yet there was nothing "rushed" about the workmanship nor the manner in which anyone dealt with our house or us.  We felt very good about the work being done while the crew was here, and still feel very pleased about the way in which our needs were met."

Arthur & Dottie Donovan – Lutherville, MD
"Griffith-Brilhart Builders just completed the renovations to our ballroom.  Throughout the entire process, they were honest, handled all aspects from bid, negotiations and construction very professionally, gave us advice that was to our benefit and were very honest in our dealing with them.  We were most impressed with the schedule given to us with the bid, and the fact that the work was completed ahead of schedule, even though there were delays which were not their responsibility.  Griffith-Brilhart Builders did what they said they were going to do."

Mark & Sashi Mecinski – Towson, MD
"Having our builder always on hand to provide expert advice on the feasibility of whatever was being contemplated and then provide us with an idea of price was an enormous help.  During construction, our builder proved to be, not only efficient and professional, but very accommodating.  Whenever we changed our minds about something, he tried to make us happy.  His workers were always polite and friendly, and as expected, impeccable craftsmanship."

 Charles & Joan Mitchell – Towson, MD
"The final design was the result of a combination of ideas from our contractor and interior designer.  The contractor started and completed the job on schedule.  All specifications were completely met.  All the workers were courteous, competent and extremely helpful.  All in all, we couldn't be more pleased with our new addition and renovation."

David Gleason, national award winning Architect
"They are easy people to work with and always want to do the best job they can do."

¬James & Jackie Stradtner – Towson, MD
"We have used Griffith-Brilhart for two jobs and are so very pleased, we almost want to say the word "perfect".  Don't know how you can improve on that."

¬Roland Neifeld, Sr. – Baltimore, MD
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the job well done at 2934 Neifeld Avenue.  Everyone was extremely courteous and it makes me feel that there are still contractors out there that really do care about the customer."

Dr. & Mrs. Karl Mech – Baldwin, MD
"As before, the men have provided timely and expert work that has made a huge difference in our home.  We want to thank you and your men again for the excellence of your efforts.  If it will help you to use our home as a reference in any way, please feel free to ask."

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Vogel – BelAir, MD
"We are extremely pleased with all aspects of the work you have provided us. It exceeds the quality level we expected. Griffith Brilhart did an excellent job in an extremely short time. There was very little intrusion into our lifestyle. Friends of ours warned us against having an addition built due to major headaches and problems they experienced – we suffered none of the above and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. We would recommend you highly.  We were extremely pleased with all phases of the work you performed. Thanks for a job well done!"

Dr. & Mrs. Joe Twanmoh – Fallston, MD
"We were very pleased with the work, the way it was performed and the service overall."

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eder – Baltimore, MD
"We wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with our new kitchen.  Throughout the demolition and reconstruction process, your crew were careful to try and contain the dust and debris, diligent in cleaning up behind themselves, polite, cooperative and professional.  The quality of the workmanship was very good, with the end product something to be proud of.  Thank you for helping to make our vision for our new kitchen a reality."

Drs. Dan and Carly Schochor – Baltimore, MD
“When my wife and I were out of the country and our cat decided to close a bathtub drain and run the water until it flooded.  I seriously considered cutting the vacation short and coming back to the house to deal with the damage.  One call to Griffith-Brilhart the night of the incident and the very next morning Dwight came out, made sure the water damage was contained, gave us a full estimate of the existing damage and fixed the problem immediately so as not to allow the issue to fester.  Whenever there's a household issue I need help with I can count on Griffith-Brilhart to be timely, responsible, competent, and incredibly easy to work with - which is why I'm a second generation Schochor who happily sings their praises as the best contractor I've ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Mark Weinman – Pikesville, MD
“My first exposure to Griffith Brilhart was observing the work done on my father’s house in 1996. The craftsman ship and attention to detail were both excellent.  I am a commercial developer and was pleased to learn the company also worked on commercial construction. I have since worked with Dwight on several projects including a 5,000 square foot residential community center and the remodel of our offices.”

Lee and Phylis Rettaliata – Lutherville, MD
“We want to thank and compliment the wonderful precision and craftsmanship and expertise of the men involved in our re-do of bathroom, den and master bedroom. A great pleasure to do repeat business with people who take pride and respect in their craft. We still get compliments on our kitchen.”

James & Jane Daly – Owings Mills, MD
“I place a high value on design ideas – even when the ideas are not used. Rejected ideas have value when they are: 1. Feasible, 2. Creative and 3. Functional because they help me arrive at a final “best idea”. I thought you brought many good design ideas to the basement and kitchen/family room projects. You advocated strongly (and always appropriately) at times and offered thoughtful suggestions at other times. Your attention to details and “big picture” was very good. Thank you for the professionalism you brought to this job.”

Fred and Jan Schroeder – Towson MD
“We are very pleased with the quality, prompt response. You completed ahead of schedule – very organized and efficient, even on site the day after Hurricane Isabel. The crews were courteous, patient and had good humor without exception – GREAT CREWS! The sound of the superintend Mark’s voice every morning kept us calm and reassured. The construction he did was thorough and professional; his dealings with us and the crews were polite, patient and also professional; and he was knowledgeable and creative when challenges arose with “This Old House”.”

Laurie Deering and Albert DeLoskey – Sparks, MD
“Thank you and your team for the wonderful renovations to our home. Every day we walk through our house we appreciate the terrific work you and your company did – from dramatic open space of the living room to the fine details of the bathroom and kitchen. We are especially appreciative of Dave Colgrove’s attentiveness and fine work. Many of our friends have been impressed the quality and design of the renovations. We feel fortunate to have contracted with your company and thank you for making the move into our house as quick and painless as possible.”

Adam and Jennifer Rosenberg – Baltimore, MD
“Enclosed is the final payment for our wonderful kitchen. It is a pleasure to write it, as we really think this has become the best room in the house. Thank you for all your hard work, and for the truely collaborative efforts in making this dream kitchen come to life. It was a pleasure to work with you and your entire office and crew. We look forward to having you in our house again, perhaps sooner than expected, to continue the great work you do.”

Arnold and Alison Richman – Owings Mils, MD
“The work was performed to a high quality level and the crews were very conscientious. The superintendent was wonderful to work with, a pleasure to have around, very responsible and responsive. You did a wonderful job – we are very satisfied and you are a great company.”

Tom and Carol Burdette – Owings Mills, MD
“To All at Griffith Brilhart – you have made what could have been a strenuous time, very pleasant. From top management to secretaries to the workman on the project, everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and adept. Thank you!”

Jonathan & Joan Schochor – Lutherville, MD
“My husband and I met Dwight Griffith and George Brilhart in 1981.  We were wide eyed, new residents of Baltimore county and looking to build our dream house.   After interviewing many custom builders, we were most impressed by both men.  The four of us met regularly to work with and develop construction plans and documents along with the architect. Carefully, we wrote and reviewed their extremely detailed building specifications, (THE document that determines every item and material in the contract, ...... their forte),  and began construction.  The following nine months were a wonderful experience.   Dwight and George dedicated themselves to diligent supervision, integrity and honesty in all areas of our dealings, detail orientation and excellent rapport,--- values they both highly prize.  Upon completion of the house, we won the Maryland Home Builders Association 'Award of Excellence' for  'House of the Year' in Maryland.  It was the first of 20 awards they won in subsequent years.

As the years have passed, Griffith Brilhart Builders/GBB have done extensive upgrading and additions to our home, (due solely to our original, somewhat limited budget).  Their work and our relationship continue to be of the finest caliper anywhere.

As a note of personal interest and a demonstration of their concern and friendship, our son and his new wife had an emergency last December.  The very day that they were to travel to our daughter's wedding, their Canton condo's bath developed leaks that were seeping into the two residences below them.  Dwight's response to our distress call was without hesitation.  He told our son, "Go to the wedding , I will handle everything."  He did just that.  Just before we all began our travels he insisted, "There is no need to call or check up on the situation while you are at the wedding.  'Go and forget about this problem, I have it under control!"  We happily brag that GBB now serves the second generation of our family with the same dedication and professionalism they have shown us for 30 years.

Custom building is reputedly known to be a very daunting challenge.  This frustrating scenario can develop when the people you choose to deal with do not share the exemplary character and work ethic that GBB has prided themselves in for 35 years.   I can assure you, our experience and thirty year relationship with both Dwight Griffith and George Brilhart has been one of most advantageous and personally rewarding possible.”

 Rick & Mary Ellen Huether – Lutherville, MD
“We have just completed our second project and felt that a letter of appreciation would be appropriate.

The first project was several years ago when you finished a 3rd floor attic area. This project was challenged by difficult access, a very irregular roof structure and the entire infrastructure we required such as: 2 gas furnaces and the plumbing for the full bath.

The project went through with very few problems and on budget. We very much appreciated your communication style and flexibility.

Our most recent project – a total build out of a shell in Canton (post dry-wall stage) had a new set of challenges due to our firing a contractor who was incompetent and someone we just could not work with.  Your starting the job mid-construction with little knowledge of what the previous contractor had already done was a bit nerve racking. However, your proactive approach in finding out all the information you needed to move construction along in an efficient and timely manner gave us confidence that we chose the right contractor to complete the build out.

We truly enjoyed working with you and how quickly you were able to evaluate the status of the construction and provide a price to finish the house along with a time line that worked well with my daughter’s need to move in.

My daughter has been in the finished home for about one month and is very happy with the quality of the work and how smoothly the project went.

Having done a number of projects over the years with various contractors, your flexibility, soft and efficient style of communicating schedules, quality of work, and project change management truly separates you from the crowd.

Thank you for all your help.”

Kelly Huether – Baltimore, MD
“I want to thank you so much for all the time & energy you out into finishing my house! Your flexibility & dedication was so refreshing! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Thanks again!”
Torin Federico – Baltimore, MD
“The home I grew up in was constructed by Griffith Brilhart. When I later got my own place, given the quality of work I had seen them do, it was a no-brainer to hire them for all contractor and handyman work I have needed at the four properties I have lived in since. As a Realtor, I understand the importance of integrity, quality of craftsmanship, and respect for your property that Griffith Brilhart provides. It can be difficult to find a contractor which stands behind their work as proudly as they do, and it helps to set my mind at ease whether it is patching a leak or a full renovation.”

Jonathan Kurgansky – Baltimore, MD
"Griffith-Brilhart has been helping my family ever since I was a young. They helped my family remodel the kitchen at our old house and eventually built the house that my family has lived in for 15 years. Now that I am a homeowner I wouldn't look to anyone besides Griffith-Brilhart when I need something done."

Gary Webster, Property Manager, Valley Management Group, Inc
Thank you for the great job your company did at our building at 106 Old Court Rd. As you promised, the work was completed on time, actually ahead of schedule! The project budget was not exceeded and the work the crew(s) did was first class. All the details of the project were what was promised. Our new tenant moved in on schedule and they are very much pleased with their new offices. It was a pleasure doing business with your company yet again

Peter and Debbie Finn – Baltimore, MD
Selecting a general contractor is always an “iffy” proposition.  One seeks that ideal mix of professional skill, unquestionable integrity and calm temperament…a combination all too often missing, but found in abundance in Dwight Griffith, a partner in the contracting firm of Griffith Brilhart.  

Griffith Brilhart came highly recommended to us through a good friend who had contracted with them to build her luxury home in Dulaney Valley.  She could not say enough positive things about them.  Did that ever turn out to be a lucky thing!   We purchased a two-story home within a cooperative building in Roland Park, measuring about 4,000 square feet.  The building is nearly 100 years old and our unit, while well kept, had not had any real work or updates done to it in more than 25 years.

We met with Dwight Griffith on one of our visits to Baltimore (we were at that time living in Connecticut) and told him about the home we had found in Baltimore and fallen in love with.  We told him of our desire to keep the integrity of the original architecture of the space, but to update it to a more modern standard which, to us, required installation of central air conditioning, updating of the kitchen and bathrooms and a general re-haul of the entire space.  Dwight was equally professional and personable and, while totally on board with our hiring an architect to redesign the space if that was our wish, offered to submit sketches and concepts of his own.  We decided to look at some of his ideas, and fell in love with his vision and, ultimately, with him, and with his entire staff!

We were out of the State for much of the renovation process, with Deb coming into town bi-weekly or so to answer questions, approve work or request revisions.  There was not one hitch in the entire process.  Everything came in on time, on budget, and flawlessly executed. 

We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Griffith Brilhart and would be happy to recommend their work.  We love our home just as much now (7 years later) as we did the week we moved in.  Also, during the last several years, when anything went wrong (as always happens as any homeowner will tell you), Dwight Griffith was here immediately to take a look and put his contractors or subcontractors on the job as soon as possible.  That service continues to this day.   Working with Dwight, we not only found a true professional, we found a true friend.

Matthew R. Weir, MD – Lutherville, MD
Your group has always been our first choice when it comes to building, remodeling, or home repairs.

Over the years, we have added an addition, re-renovated our kitchen twice, renovated our great room, remodeled our bathrooms and added a garage. The work was completed on time, with a competitive price, and with the assurance it was done well. Your subcontractors were superb, especially your fine carpentry/finishing!

Whether it is a simple job or an expansive one, I have always trusted your advice, judgment, and your building prowess. Even our sn now uses you for his home renovations and repairs. Who knows, he may even build with you someday!